There are numerous Korean restaurants that serve samgyupsal. But this gem is where we always return. I can say that their service, value for money, is great compared to the others we tried. They have a lot of authentic Korean food on their menu. In addition to samgyupsal, we tried their galbitang (갈비탕). In English, it is what they call “beef short rib” soup. In this short blog, we will tell you why we keep coming back here in Soga Miga Silang. I actually brought my friends here and recommended it to them because I believe in what this Korean restaurant offers. 

1.) Authenticity of the Korean food

"The food is really good"

To the best of my knowledge, this restaurant is owned by a Korean national. This is a big plus since they really have the knowledge on how to prepare authentic Korean foods. This restaurant was introduced to me wayback 2012 or 2013 by my Korean national churchmates who lived here in the Philippines.Whenever we are here, we actually say “Sulit dito” because unlike other samgyupsal restaurants out there, they offer the best side dishes like the following: 


Pajeon(korean pancake)
Fermented vegetables
Quail Eggs
Egg drop soup

 Note: The side dishes may vary.

Our own rule is that if we eat samgyupsal there should always be garlic. So we always request this, and they give it right away. We cannot complete our samgyupsal experience whenever there is no garlic. Soga Miga at first did not offer unlimited samgyupsal they actually offered the traditional Korean samgyupsal. When I say “traditional,” I mean the thick liempo part, not what was introduced here in the Philippines, which is a lot thinner. This restaurant still offers a lot of authentic Korean foods that you must try. I did not have a chance to take a picture of their menu, but if I do, I will update this blog and put the photo below this blog. Aside from samgyupsal we have already tried their Galbitang, Naengmyeon, and Bibimbap. Everytime you ask for a replenish they will also give you another clean grill where you can cook again this is because of the burnt grill which is a huge thumbs up.

Compared to the others, we can say that they have the best side dishes because they don’t hold back on what they offer, have it until you want it. I can tell that it is authentic because I’ve been with my Korean churchmates before, and if you have a chance to have dinner or lunch at their house, you will see almost identical side dishes to what Soga Miga offers. 

2.) Good service

Soga miga Silang
The best samgyupsal in cavite

Have you ever had to request that the staff replenish the sidedishes or the samyupsal beef?It seems like they don’t even like to make eye contact with customers since they might ask for a replenish, and sometimes you even see them looking pissed off or angry. I will write it in Tagalog for you to feel it. “Hihingi ka palang galit na yung staff or ayaw makipag eye contact kasi baka magparefill ka” sounds familiar? 

Well, here is the place where you won’t experience it. Soga Migas’s staff are really friendly and have a customer-first approach. I think if they run for a position in the government, they will be good public servants (LOL). Not to be biased, but when I was spending time with my Korean friends, they always mentioned something about service. They say that service is very important for Koreans, especially in a restaurant setting, so I think this was adapted by the staff since the owner is Korean. This is one of the main selling points for me and my wife. You won’t be ignored when you try to ask for a replenishment of samgyupsal meat or side dishes. 

They will approach you and ask, “Is there anything we can help you with, ma’am or sir, or do you need something else?” Imagine you haven’t finished your side dish, and they are already ready to offer it. This is preferable to being ignored. We always get the best service here.

3.) The place is intimate

"The place is not chaotic"

I and my wife are just out to chill, relax, and eat samgyupsal. I know a lot of Samgyupsal restaurants there where you will have to line up since they cannot accommodate you at the moment. You will feel uneasy while there, possibly because of the atmosphere inside, where you will feel stressed, the waiters are irritated, unnecessary noise, and much more negativity. 

They have rooms where you can dine intimately, and they are charging an additional 200 pesos if you dine inside one of their rooms, which I think is really worth it. There is no unnecessary noise here, so if you want to bring your special someone here, you can talk to them intimately. I don’t know, but the world is full of chaos. Sometimes all we need is a calm and serene place and just good food. I have been here a couple of times, and I really can say that the place is really far from the typical Samgyupsal restaurant out there.

If you’ve ever wanted to try samgyupsal, this is the place to go. It is actually beside a coffee shop called Café Dalgona, which is also owned by Soga Miga’s owner. So if it happens that you are also a coffee lover, then this place is really for you. Their coffee shop has a nice ambiance where you can relax and chit-chat with friends, family, or that special someone.

Price: Starts at 799 unlimited samgyupsal minimum order of two, this is what we always order.
Address: Km. 49 Lalaan 1st, Silang Cavite beside (Café, Dalgona)

Samgyupsal Silang Cavite
Soga Miga Silang Cavite
Soga miga Silang Cavite
Soga Miga Silang Cavite
Soga Miga Silang Cavite
The best samgyupsal in cavite
Soga Miga Silang Cavite