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Did you know that the official address of Twin Lakes Hotel is Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Laurel Batangas? 

You are stressed from work and want to release it. Then this place is perfect for you, Bonding with nature is a perfect way to relax and release all the stress. By just going to the balcony of your room, you will feel instant comfort because of the perfect view. 

Twin lakes Hotel is a European-inspired architecture located in South Luzon. My wife, me, and our little daughter felt like we are living in a castle. We were like Kings, queens and Princess. I might be too exaggerated but trust me the feeling of staying in this hotel is magical.

1.) Great Amenities

Infinity Pool – They have a heated pool where you can see the beautiful scenery of Tagaytay lake. The pool is heated so you do not need to worry about the cold temperature there.
It is also kiddie friendly. Unfortunately, I was not able to try swimming in the pool since I forgot my swimming attire so I just became the official photographer of my wife and little daughter.

Zabana Bar – When we went there last December 2021 it was closed. So we were not able to try any of the drinks there. We’ll be back in December 2022, hopefully with it already open.

Game Room – Here you can play different board games like chess, and tic tac toe and yes it is free. You may also try billiards here for 200 pesos for an hour. 

Fitness Center – It is open from 7 am to 9 pm. They have a treadmill and sets of a barbell. We didn’t try any of it. 

Grape Vineyard – Grape picking is allowed during harvest season between March and April every year. As far as I remember last 2021, no harvest season happened because of the pandemic and limited staff to maintain it. 

Twinlakes Cafe – Isn’t it nice to have your breakfast in front of the beautiful view of Taal Lake with your family? Drinking coffee while you marvel at the beauty of Tagaytay. Ahh, the best feeling. You can choose to dine inside or at the al fresco dining in Twinlakes Cafe, take note that it is cold so be careful especially when you are with your kids. They will have to wear thick clothes.

Kids Playroom – Pretty straight forward. Our little princess for sure enjoyed this the most. This room is really attractive, especially for their age. There are plenty of plush toys and other stuff for kids. 

Spacious Room

The Room we booked is a Superior Room, It is very spacious and enough for my little daughter to run around the room. You can view the photos below in the last part of this article.


The wifi is very fast and you can connect around the Twinlakes hotel premises. I actually can do my freelancing job there, but of course, I didn’t want to. It is a vacation so I do not want to think about work. 

The heater is doing very well and serving its purpose very well, I also tried the bathtub because I was not able to swim in the infinity pool since I forgot my swimming attire.

My favorite place is the veranda. Though we are only facing the mountain view it is still enough for me to enjoy and bond with nature. At that time, there was a planetary alignment also as far as I remember it is Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus near our moon. So the view is astonishing at night. We can see it with our naked eye. 

My favorite experience on the veranda is looking at the mountain view while having our iced cold coffee. Serene and relaxing feeling whenever I stay there. I forget every stress and problem I have.

2.) Relaxing Environment

I don’t know if it is just us that instantly feel relaxed when in bond with nature. Maybe we are nature lovers by heart. Just staying on the veranda and looking at the beautiful sky and majestic scenery of the beautiful Tagaytay landscape makes us forget our problems. We even think that the amenities are just a bonus since we are more into enjoying nature.

3.) Perfect view of Taal Volcano

The perfect view of the Taal volcano can be seen on the hotel premises. Unfortunately, we only booked a room that faces the mountain view last 2021. But on our return, we were able to grab a room that faces the Taal Volcano. Whenever we are having our breakfast we can view it at the twin lakes cafe. Also when you swim in the infinity pool you can see its majestic view.

4.) Good service 

Twin Lakes Hotel has a complimentary van service that will bring you up to where the Twinlakes Shopping Village. It is very convenient to go and dine at Bag of Beans, Purple Beetle, Hap Chan since they offer this kind of service. Of course, when you are there you will not want to miss the coffee from Starbucks. You can wait for their shuttle service in the hotel lobby every hour. 

Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay

Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Laurel, Batangas City

Reservations (office hours): (0917) 846 1389/ (0917) 853 7468

Email: sales.reservation@twinlakeshotel.com.ph


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