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Why the millennial things?

Yes, because we are millennials and you can maybe relate.

1.) Documentation of our experiences.

We believe that memories/experiences  should be treasured. Through our blog we can create an online diary that other people might find it as valuable source of information.

2.) We want influence Filipinos to have an entrepreneurial minds.

Five to ten years from now, there will be jobs that will be obsolete. Entrepreneurship is hard, but it can unlock more opportunities in our lives. We currently have 3 online businesses, we created our brands and we will be sharing tips on how you too can leverage the power of e-commerce here in the Philippines.

3.) Insights of Digital Nomadism.

Ever heard of the heavy traffic on our roads? We worked in Metro Manila and experienced a horrible situation in our transportation system. We usually spend an average of 4 hours commuting, and we felt that our 4 hours of life were wasted. Imagine what could you have done with that 4 hours, Play with your dog, spend time with family, play with your kids, garden, and celebrate important occasions.

What is Digital Nomadism?  

Digital nomads are people who work remotely from various locations and even around the world. When pandemic started in the Philippines, companies, institutions adapted this kind of approach, the so called “Work from home”. Actually it is the ability to travel while working in terms of your own hours.

Why Digital Nomadism?

  • Less stressful environment – Just like what is mentioned above. Being away from the everyday hustle of commuting can contribute to a better work environment.
  • Diverse culture – you will be able to work with other nationalities and may learn about their culture.
  • Time – is indeed a commodity. You have to spend it wisely. Having to choose your own hours of work can unlock more opportunities. In our case, we use it for our online business. It can also be a curse, since you will have a tendency to procastinate.
  • Freedom – it can be subjective but traveling while working at your hours is a great definition of it, at least for us. Soon we want to focus on our own business.